East Coast Developers, LLC is quickly becoming one of the tri-state areas premier drywall contractors. With over 15 years of experience in primarily drywall work, the gained knowledge of quality craftsmanship and unique customer service is identified with every completed project.

Over the past two years we have broadened our horizons in search of narrowing the competition. In order to do so, we have recently become a Nationally Certified Minority Business Enterprise through the National Minority Supplier Development Council. We are also currently in the process of becoming a MDOT certified MBE. With the help of these certifications it will allow us to provide quality drywall services to all federal and state funded projects. With our infinite vision of growth and innovation we will continue to expand our abilities to further assist our clients in all their future endeavors


As the president of East Coast Developers, Gabriel Montecinos has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in the drywall industry. For more than 15 years he has dedicated himself to developing more efficient ways to construct jobs by using the most current innovative techniques to maximize productivity as well as practicing the newest safety trends.

Gabriel credits much of his knowledge to his years of field experience as a drywall foreman, drywall superintendent, and director of operations, running jobs ranging anywhere from $1 million all the way to $20 million.

Over the last year Gabriel has begun to diversify the overall company direction by becoming a Certified MBE through the National Minority Supplier Development Council. Currently, East Coast Developers is in the process of becoming a certified MBE/DBE through MDOT. The main focus here at East Coast Developers is to provide a high quality product with exceptional customer service.


Gabriel Montecinos



In the four years that we have been a company we have never turned over a project past the scheduled completion date. Our ability to adapt to any situation allows us to consistently move forward. We strongly believe in focusing a lot of energy in teamwork with the project management team and other fellow subcontractors onsite. Whether it be a small 5,000 sq. ft. retail space or a massive 150,000 sq. ft. office renovation we know that everyone on that project is a vital stepping stone for the overall completion.

We believe in preforming work of the highest quality with a strong emphasis on employee safety.